Humming bird animation

I was very happy to animate this bird for an amazing studio that specialises in photo-realistic achitectural visualisations.

As a Bonus, I would like to take this opportunity to show you some of the processes we took in consulting with clients.

Type 1: As seen below, these scenes are the animatics we showed the client. The animations were of the camera in relation to the most prominent objects in the scene. and sometimes in this case, animated characters were essential to the shot.

Type 2. was a low fidelity of an animatic which gave a better idea of other objects and details in the scene. For example, this one was made for a different animation than above which just concentrated on what is visible to the camera. This type of animatic was very useful as it demonstrated the whole animation to enable discussions one what are the most important aspects and scenes that need more time on screen.

Type3: Finally, with the client's input and amendments applied, another version of the animatic is also made with a frame of what it would look like in the final render( as seen below). This step is made as the rendering process is quite time-consuming as any changes would take a considerable amount of time to amend.

The animatic